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Throughout the past +10 years of consistently trading us30, there are many supporting factors to the success found in our day to day US30 trading signals.

Our US30 technical & fundamental analysist are constantly monitoring the charts day by day, studying & doing back testing on recent trends in the price jumps.

There are many things to look for when preparing an entry for such a high volume indices. All US30 signals have been identified as highly profitable trades, with supporting trends and patterns, and are then sent to the US30 signals Telegram Group. 

Telegram Members are located all around the world! Our US30 signals are sent normally 1 hour before each market session, meaning no matter where you are located at in the entire world, you will get US30 signals.

All US30 signals are live and sent in real-time, telegram members enter the trades market execution. If the trade is supposed to be a buy or sell limit, then the Entry will say Buy or Sell limit.

Overall we have helped thousands of traders located around the world, how to trade US30 successfully & to be able to double or triple their trading accounts.

Traders who join the US30 signals telegram group have the upper hand when trading!

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